Introduction to our multidisciplinary pain management program at Advance Healthcare

For the last 17 years our group has been assisting patients with chronic pain to lead a happier and more productive life.  One of our key services to the community is multi-disciplinary Pain Management which is a multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment program for people with chronic pain not responding to usual care.  We have an expert team of practitioners to assist in the assessment and management of your injury led by Dr Jon Ford (Clinical Director, PhD, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist), Dr Aston Wan, (Specialist Pain Physician), Dr Uchenna Nwankwo (Pain Management Clinician), Dr Olivia Ong (Specialist Pain and Rehabilitation Physician), Dr Safa Hamza (Rehabilitation Physician) and Charles Ruddock (Clinical Psychologist).  A full listing of our pain physicians can be found here

Pain Management begins with a comprehensive medical, physical and psychological assessment to identify the reasons for slow recovery.  Following assessment, recommendations are made to the patient and the referring doctor.  


For suitable patients a Pain Management program is then commenced.  This is always personalised to the individual, however most programs include some or all of the following components:

  • An 8-12 week program, 3 times a week (this varies for country patients)

  • Weekly medical review including consideration of medication options

  • One on one physiotherapy working on specific exercise and treatment strategies

  • Group based gym and hydrotherapy to increase strength, flexibility and core stability

  • One on one psychology (if required) to assist in developing coping strategies for chronic pain

  • Group psychology (if required) to learn about the nature of chronic pain and how to deal with it more effectively

Our results show that most patients who complete a Pain Management program feel:

  • Improved strength and ability to complete important daily tasks (eg sport, work, housework)

  • Reduced pain to a point where they can manage most day to day activities

  • An improved sense of control over their condition with reduced reliance on practitioners and medication

  • A greater sense of physical and psychological well being

Pain physician doctor boronia st albans bundoora hoppers

Advance Healthcare are preferred providers for TAC and WorkSafe and are therefore able to gain approval for Pain Management assessments and programs in one easy step.  The time from referral to Pain Management commencement rarely takes more than six weeks.  We are also able to treat patients who live in country Victoria by providing local accommodation funded by TAC/WorkSafe.  

Communication is an essential aspect of the program.  We always involve patients and relevant practitioners in key decisions.  We generally continue assisting patients up until 6 months post program completion to ensure further improvements occur. 


If you would like to know more about the Pain Management Program please contact Dr Jon Ford on  Direct referral can be made by your doctor completing and faxing our referral form - available in word or interactive pdf versions.  We then arrange approval from WorkSafe or TAC and contact you for an appointment.  We can also provide Pain Management funded by Medicare.