Exercise can prevent Low Back Pain

Prevention is best……Exercise with education the best prevention strategy to reduce low back pain episodes.


It may seem like common sense….. exercise +/- education has been shown to reduce the risk of an episode of low back pain.

Studies including this one by Steffens, and supported by this article

Basic core exercises can be very helpful!

Basic core exercises can be very helpful!


This recent quality review of the literature on the prevention of low back pain included 21 randomised controlled trials and has shown:

·         Moderate quality evidence that exercise in combination with education reduces the risk of a back pain episode

·         Low quality evidence that exercise alone may reduce both back pain episodes and the use of sick leave

No need to be Arnie to prevent back pain!

No need to be Arnie to prevent back pain!


The study also found that in the longer term (>1 year) that the effect size reduced, suggesting ongoing exercise is required.

Perhaps it’s time to have a chat with your health care professional on the best way to set up and maintain an effective fitness program to prevent future back pain!

Matt Richards is a physiotherapist with Advance Healthcare in Bundoora. Matt has almost completed his PhD, looking at the treatment of sub-acute and chronic low back pain.