Physiotherapy is a science-based healthcare profession providing diagnoses and treatment for people with musculoskeletal injuries.  Our Advance Healthcare physiotherapists are experts at maximising rapid recovery from injury without the use of drugs or surgery.  As an example you can watch one of our experts Dr Jon Ford (PhD) teaching a patient how to engage their core muscles correctly here or check out some of our informative blogs here.

How are our physiotherapists different?

  • We have highly trained expert physiotherapists with most having PhD or post graduate Masters qualifications
  • We focus on diagnosing the cause of your injury and providing specific and effective treatment programs to get you back to a normal life
  • Our physiotherapists work in partnership with medical specialist doctors and other health professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care
  • We can bulk bill patients who have a Medicare referral from their GP

Our physiotherapists were part of the ground breaking STOPS trial which is one of the first randomised controlled trials showing the effectiveness of physiotherapy.  As a result many of the physiotherapists in Advance Healthcare have specific expertise in diagnosing and treating complex back problems.

Using a combination of manual therapy, manipulation, therapeutic exercise, education, lifestyle advice, soft tissue techniques, and electro-physical modalities, Advance Healthcare Physiotherapists will enhance your health and maximise your recovery.

We also have a number of practitioners with a special interest in sports physiotherapy.

You can find a listing of our physiotherapists here

Conditions treated by our physiotherapists include: