Our Advance Healthcare psychologists are experts in the management of common mental health problems (eg depression or anxiety).  Using the latest cognitive-behavioural as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques we can help people with mental health issues to return to enjoying life.  

What makes our psychologists different?

  • We have highly trained clinical psychologists with decades of experience
  • We focus on treatment methods that help you get back to a normal and enjoyable life
  • Our psychologists work in partnership with medical specialist doctors and other health professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care
  • We can bulk bill patients who have a Medicare referral from their GP

Psychology is usually performed one on one.  We also run individual and group sessions for people with chronic pain problems and associated mental health issues as part of a multi-disciplinary pain management program.

A doctor's referral is required for psychology after which a comprehensive initial assessment is completed where relevant issues are identified.  Treatment services are then tailored to addressing the patient's presenting barriers to recovery.  In general terms treatment:

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  • Focuses on short-term intervention of up to 10 sessions working on developing self-management skills
  • Focuses on helping patients to return to previous level of function in their personal, social and work environments
  • Works closely with other health providers and relevant stakeholders, particularly the referring doctor

You can find a list of our psychologists here

To make a referral to an Advance Healthcare psychologist please complete and fax/email our referral form (in word or in pdf).