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Advance Healthcare is looking for health care practitioners to join the team!

Advance Healthcare has a 20 year history of providing high quality physiotherapy and multi-disciplinary services.  We have clinics at Boronia, Bundoora, Dandenong, Geelong, Hoppers Crossing and St Albans.  Consider the following benefits of working with Advance Healthcare.

1.  A cutting edge clinical education and mentoring program

Our multi-disciplinary team of over 25 practitioners is led by Dr Jon Ford (Clinical Director, PhD, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist) and supported by Specialist Pain Physicians and Clinical Psychologists.  We run a comprehensive clinical education program focussing on innovative teaching and learning methods to improve clinical skills, knowledge and application.  Practitioners can expect to become highly competent particularly in the ares of clinical reasoning, low back pain and persistent pain.

2.  Develop your skills and knowledge in evidence-based multi-disciplinary pain management

Advance Healthcare has 7 practitioners who have completed or are completing their PhD as part of a La Trobe University research team focusing on subgroup specific treatment.  Our education program is informed by this high level experience to ensure our practitioners stay up to date on clinically relevant research including the work from Peter O'Sullivan (low back pain), Lyn Watson (shoulder problems), the neurophysiology of persistent pain and the latest clinical trials and systematic reviews.

Our team syntheses the latest evidence in a way that allows practitioners to modify their clinical practice and achieve optimal clinical outcomes within a multi-disciplinary team.

3.  Work collaboratively in a team environment to achieve optimal patient outcomes

Persistent pain is complex and optimally treated by a combination of physiotherapy, psychology and medical interventions.  Our team works is a collaborative manner with regular team meetings, email case conferencing and review of clinical notes.

4.  Participation in a world leading clinical research team

Advance Healthcare is proud to support practitioners interested in clinical research through our La Trobe University collaboration (where Dr Jon Ford is the Discipline Lead).  Our group recently completed the Specific Treatment of Problems of the Spine (STOPS) trial.  This landmark randomised controlled trial (n=300) published recently in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows for the first time that physiotherapy specific to diagnostic subgroups and the barriers to recovery is more effective than guideline based care.

Our practitioners commonly participate in our research program as treaters within a clinical trial providing valuable experience on the clinical application of the best evidence.  There are options to assist our researchers in preparing clinical protocols or systematic reviews.  Seven of our practitioners have undertaken a PhD (the highest academic award) which with the support of Advance Healthcare and La Trobe University is practical on a part time or full time basis.

Advance Healthcare do not employ practitioners of less than 3 years clinical experience.  However if you are interested in developing a collaborative relationship with our group please contact Jon Ford on  You can also find out more about our group at our websites ( or