With over 15 years experience our physiotherapists are experts at preventing costly workers compensation claims. Our interventions result in reduced claims numbers, lost time injuries, loss of earnings payments and treatment costs.

We have highly trained expert physiotherapists with most having PhD or post graduate Masters qualifications. Our physiotherapists were also part of the ground breaking STOPS trial which is one of the first randomised controlled trials showing the effectiveness of physiotherapy.

Our Occupational Health services include:

Early Intervention Physiotherapy at our Advance Healthcare Clinics

  • Our physiotherapists are highly experienced in treating workplace injuries and have an advanced understanding of the WorkSafe system. By combining manual therapy techniques, a progressive exercise program and education on self management strategies, Advance Healthcare practitioners provide quick and sustainable return to work outcomes.
  • It is standard practice for Advance Healthcare practitioners to provide sessional updates to your RTW coordinator and worker's General Practitioner throughout the course of a worker's physiotherapy treatment regarding response to treatment, functional progress and work capacity progression. Rarely with early intervention will a WorkSafe claim be required.

Onsite Physiotherapy at your Workplace

  • Early intervention for injuries results in a quicker recovery and reduces lost time injuries.
  • Our onsite physiotherapists not only provide treatment, but they are aimed at educating and reinforcing self management principles to minimise any dependence on “hands on” intervention and prevent re-injury. 
  • Immediate updates are provided to RTW coordinators regarding progressing work capacity and suitable modified duties.


Pre-employment Functional Assessments

  • We provide an objective report evaluating a worker’s physical capacity to safely perform the critical demands of a proposed job.
  • This can be performed following an onsite job task analysis by one of our practitioners or provision of relevant information by the employer.


Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • An individualised assessment by one of our highly experienced physiotherapists of a worker’s functional capacity, using a series of standardised tests and work-specific simulation activities to assess potential to return to suitable work.
  • This includes an objective report documenting the worker's injury history, capacity to perform their pre-injury duties, as well as opinions and recommendations regarding capacity to perform modified/alternative duties and future rehabilitation needs.


Worksite Assessments

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  • An assessment to identify the functional demands of a worker’s pre-injury demands and duties.
  • A comprehensive report is provided detailing the worksite assessment, the worker's current functional capacity, the duties available and those that were identified as being safe for the worker to perform.
  • A graduated return to work plan can also be provided (detailing duties and hours) that assists the injured worker to return to their pre-injury duties.


Manual Handling and Dynamic Warm Up/Stretching Training

  • Our individual or group education sessions are designed to assist employees develop correct manual handling techniques. Our manual handling programs are tailored to the individual workplace and include a strong emphasis on practical tasks that the workers are required to perform in order to improve transference of techniques into daily work practices.
  • Our individual or group education sessions on dynamic warm up and stretching routines are designed to minimise workplace injuries and increase worker productivity.


Functional restoration and pain management for chronic clients

  • Our Functional Restoration rehabilitation program addresses the physical, psychological and social aspects of chronic injuries. It involves progressive exercise to increase strength, fitness and maximise muscular support for injured structures. It also involves cognitive behavioural principles in order to educate the injured individual and reduce excessive illness/pain behaviours. Our programs are conducted by highly skilled physiotherapists.
  • Our Pain Management program begins with a comprehensive medical, physical and psychological assessment to identify the reasons for slow recovery. This is followed by an intensive multidisciplinary 8 week program focused on a greater sense of physical and psychological well being, improved strength and ability to complete important daily tasks, reduced reliance on medication and return to work. Advance Healthcare are preferred providers for TAC and WorkSafe and are therefore able to gain approval for Pain Management assessments and programs in one easy step. 

For any questions about our Occupational Health services please contact our Finance and Business Development Director, Michael Strintzos, on 0411 250 572, or mstrintzos@advancehealthcare.com.au  

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