Advance Healthcare joins ePPOC

Advance Healthcare joins ePPOC

Our group is dedicated to providing the best available treatment to patients.  In addition to the STOPS trial on physiotherapy we are also interested in evaluating our outcomes for people having multi-disciplinary pain management.  We therefore recently joined ePPOC (electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration) which is a new program aiming to benchmark the care of patients with persistent pain having multi-disciplinary management.  Read more...

Rebranding of Spinal Management Clinics as Advance Healthcare

Rebranding of Spinal Management Clinics as Advance Healthcare

For the last 20 years the Spinal Management Clinics (SMC) group has been providing multi-disciplinary Pain Management and exercise rehabilitation for patients with persistent pain.  In late 2014 the founder of SMC (Jon Ford - PhD, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist) with our Pain Doctors (Dr Barry Slon, Dr Safa Hamza and Dr Malcolm Ong) and all associated allied health practitioners (including Michael Strintzos) set up a new business... read more

Mark Round Victorian president of Australian Physiotherapy Association

Congratulations to Mark - physiotherapist at Advance Healthcare Hoppers Crossing. He has just taken on the role of President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (Victorian Branch)

This role involves helping to shape the future of the profession, particularly with regards to referrals to specialists, referral rights for radiology and prescription of certain medications.

We look forward to seeing Mark's hard work pay off!

Mark Round is a physiotherapist at Hoppers Crossing Advance Healthcare.

2 days to go in Snovember

Movember continues over here in NZ and boy did the snow come out in force yesterday at the Remarkables.  After a top up overnight we headed up to climb one of the peaks of the range.  The Mo was well hidden under the jacket hood.

Other activities included Dunedin, Otago Peninsula, rare penguins, lots of birds (I've spared you these pics) and Lord of the Rings sites (Eisengard and Fangoorn Forest)

The Mo will come off to Michy's delight at Milford Sound

Hope you enjoy the snaps.  Click repeatedly on the second pic to see the gallery



Jon does "snowvember" in NZ

Hi all

Its been a big few months setting up Advance Healthcare and although pre-booked I've welcomed the break for my 50th in NZ.  Its great over here and I'd highly recommend it!  Check out the picks and if possible think about donating to Movember.  I haven't forgotten the cause even over here!

Click on the second pic to see the gallery.



PS  Yes that is Edoras from LOTR...

Nick and I do Movember (with special guest Mt Cook)

Advance Healthcare does Movember!

This Movember, Advance Healthcare’s practitioners have committed their uppers lip to help change the face of men's health by growing a moustache.

Our pain management practitioners are passionate about this cause because one million Australian men live with depression or anxiety. Many men find the stigmas associated with mental health lead to feelings of shame and embarrassment, which often prevents them from seeking help and taking action. We must change this.

The Movember Foundation is working tirelessly every day to rid the world of this discrimination and to ensure men and boys experiencing mental health problems know the signs and take action early.

We need your support to fund this important work. Together, we can do it.

You can donate online at

Click on the "Team" links and select from the practitioners including Jon Ford, Michael Strintzos, Dr Safa Hamza, Tyson Sharpe and Daniel di Mauro.

Thank you for supporting our moustaches and enjoy our weekly update blog including photos!!!  

Head Mo Honcho - Michael Strintzos

12 days up and running as Advance Healthcare

Its been a busy few weeks since rebranding the Spinal Management Clinics business as Advance Healthcare.  We've spent a lot of time letting our patients and referrers know about the change in the business through email, mail outs and cover letters for patient reports.  

Ultimately though the most important thing is that apart from the name and logo, nothing has in fact changed.  The same practitioners and centres providing the same quality evidence-based care.

There have been some teething problems with our new front desk system (Nookal) which is a fantastic product but takes some getting used to (e.g. emails going out to patients every time we rebook their appointment... something that happens a fair bit when setting up a multi-disciplinary pain program).  In addition one of our key practitioners Luke Surkitt has extended his time up north in Cairns due to illness (he's now well on the way to recovery and will be back on board at Boronia towards the end of October).  

We are currently planning the next step in our research program.  This will likely involved a sophisticated evaluation of motor control strategies in subgroups of people with back pain.

Exciting times for our group!

Till next time


Welcome to Advance Healthcare and our new website!

Our business started out with Jon Ford working out of Prahran Sports Medicine Centre in the early 1990s trying to apply the latest research evidence to patients with back pain.  Over the years and with the support of Michael Kenihan and the LifeCare group Spinal Management Clinics was born.  Although well known by patients and referrers the "Spinal Management brand" over time created some confusion particularly as we began to branch out from back pain into the treatment of all types of persistent pain.  

advance healthcare boronia stalbans hoppers bundoora

As a result the practitioners of what was Spinal Management Clinics (within the LifeCare group) decided to purchase the business and rebrand as Advance Healthcare.  We think the name "Advance" reflects our focus on the highest quality clinical care integrating the best available evidence.  Our new name also is indicative of our approach to further develop our clinical research team.


We hope you like our new website.  If there are any suggestions for improvements please drop me a line at  I look forward to working with patients and referrers to achieve great clinical outcomes!

Until next time