12 days up and running as Advance Healthcare

Its been a busy few weeks since rebranding the Spinal Management Clinics business as Advance Healthcare.  We've spent a lot of time letting our patients and referrers know about the change in the business through email, mail outs and cover letters for patient reports.  

Ultimately though the most important thing is that apart from the name and logo, nothing has in fact changed.  The same practitioners and centres providing the same quality evidence-based care.

There have been some teething problems with our new front desk system (Nookal) which is a fantastic product but takes some getting used to (e.g. emails going out to patients every time we rebook their appointment... something that happens a fair bit when setting up a multi-disciplinary pain program).  In addition one of our key practitioners Luke Surkitt has extended his time up north in Cairns due to illness (he's now well on the way to recovery and will be back on board at Boronia towards the end of October).  

We are currently planning the next step in our research program.  This will likely involved a sophisticated evaluation of motor control strategies in subgroups of people with back pain.

Exciting times for our group!

Till next time