Physiotherapy and exercise, not X-Rays and CT scans - are best for most types of back pain.

There was a fantastic story on the ABC's 7.30 program last night looking at medicare expenditure.  To watch the video you can click here.  I've put some excerpts from the transcript of the show throughout this blog post, as they tell the story really well.

There was a great case study of a 31 year old woman with back pain. She had multiple tests and investigations without any formal 'cure' or 'diagnosis' of her back pain.  The report on '7.30' highlighted the large cost (both financial and in unnecessary radiation) of many XRays and CT scans for low back pain.

Through a combination of a graded exercise program and a pain management program, she was able to return to all of her normal activities.

At Advance Healthcare, with clinics in Boronia, St Albans, Bundoora and Hoppers Crossing, we have a special interest in managing pain problems just like the one seen on the 7.30 report.  We have physiotherapists as well as a multidisciplinary pain program available at our clinics.

Aidan Rich is an APA Sports Physiotherapist at Advance Healthcare in Boronia. In addition to treating low back pain, he has an interest in hip, groin and tendon pathologies. The clinic also has a multidisciplinary pain management program, which you can find more about here